R & D & Q.C

Staying ahead of time means innovating which hinges on research and technological development(R&TD). Research makes basic discoveries and uncovers new principles, while development is concerned with evolving methods feasible for applying principles identified by research. Keeping above facts in mind, Agriland is focused on Enhaching the potencies of bioproducts and development of user-friendly formulations to preserve the potential of microbes at affordable costs to support farmers to produce more through the organic route.

Quality Control is an essential part to building successful business as it delivers products that exceed customers' expectations, elevate loyalty and provide competitive advantages in the market. Hence to ensure best field results, we assure viable count of all products before they are dispatched to the market and also see that the products are free from undesired microbes. To enhance levels of productivity and operational benefits, Agriland has been maintaining CRISIL Ratings and adhering to ISO 9001:2008 standards in R&D as well as production area.