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Manufacturing Excellence. Distributing Quality.

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Our Infrastructure

Agriland firmly believes in investing in its infrastructure to avail its benefits in the long run. 


At Agriland, we take pride in our superior manufacturing capabilities. With high-end upstream and downstream process facilities, we have consistently invested in process and product excellence over the years to deliver only the best quality products to our farmers. 


Agriland Biotech Limited has established a 10,000 sq. feet state-of-the-art R&D facility which actively researches in the areas of entomopathogens, fungal antagonists, nitrogen fixers, phosphate solubilizers and biotic stress defending organisms with site specific product delivery systems. The company is also active in research and development to effectively execute our “Lab to Land” program initiative. Agriland vigorously hosts research of key aspects of formulation and appropriate product delivery system that has direct bearing with the substantiation of laboratory findings to large-scale field applications. The R&D facility at Agriland is recognized by the Department of Science and Technology (DSIR), Government of India. 

  • Automatic powder and liquid packing facilities starting from 1 gm to 5 kg with form-fill-seal machine under clean room.

  • Environmentally friendly packaging material which can be recycled.

  • Blister packing and sealing machine for pheromone lures and mycorrhizae packaging.


10,000 sq feet 
Double storage facility
5,000 sq feet packaging area
5,000 sq feet finishing area 

Culture Storage: For fungal and bacterial cultures 

  • - 40  degree Celsius storage 

  • - 80  degree Celsius storage 

Cold storage at - 4 degree Celsius for Endo – Mycorrhizae technical storage 


3000 sq feet 
Centralized distribution center 
Finished goods storage 
Warehouse dedicated for dispatch of finished products 


Packing and Storage
Distribution Network 

Agriland has an extensive national network, supplying to the majority states of India. The company is harnessing its full strength in the field promotion of various products. With the team of over 200 dealers and distributors, the company has seen an upward trend in the growing demand of various products over the years. In addition to selling our products directly to farmers and consumers, Agriland also has a number of important corporate clients from all over the country. In addition to the vast domestic network, Agriland Biotech also exports products to countries like Ghana, Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Australia. 

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Image by Milada Vigerova
Growth Plan

Right from the inception of Agriland Biotech, the company has been launching a diverse range of products to cater the needs of its consumer base. The company is striving hard to launch revolutionary products while maintaining consistency in quality to gain a competitive advantage over its counterparts. Agriland has already expanded its production capacities and plan to further magnify the manufacturing facility to meet the increasing demands in the supply chain. The increasing awareness of the importance of organic fruits and vegetables worldwide, has resulted in growing demand of biofertilizer sand biopesticides on a global scale. Due to the upward trend in the demand and the growing awareness for organic agriculture, Agriland has made all the necessary improvements to prepare for the massive market demand that is heading its way.  The company has adopted a new production technology, globally known as the Surface Technology, for the production of biopesticides. This new technology offers world class quality products and huge production capacities. In addition to this, Agriland has forayed into the expansion of its existing biofertilizers’ production capacity. The company is currently determined to use its might on market expansion with B to C, B to B and B to G market segments. 

Growth Plan

Agriland Biotech takes pride in its social initiatives to help train and guide the local farmers on how to consistently increase crop productivity and crop quality. With regular training sessions held at our dedicated training center, Agriland has not only helped thousands of farmers achieve superior crop production and quality, but also helped raise the awareness of the long-term benefits associated with using biological products.  

Hands in the Soil

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