Growing Tomato Plants
Biofield Liquid

(Cosortia Biofertilizers)

Biofield Liquid

Shelf life: 1 Year

Growing Tomato Plants

Product Overview

Biofield Liquid is a high profile biofertilizer consortia which contains Nitrogen fixer, Azotobacter @ 100 million cell/ml, Phosphate solubilizing bacteria @ 100 million cell/ml and Potash Mobilizing bacteria @ 100 million cell/ml. It induces crop growth and nourishes crops for longer period, thereby leading the crop to higher yield and quality produce. Azotobacter fixes atmospheric Nitrogen for crop and produces plant growth promoting substances like GA, IAA, IBA, Cytokinins etc. that all induce the crops’ vegetative and reproductive growth.

Phosphate solubilizing bacteria and yeast convert complex soil phosphate into simple soil phosphate so as to make it available to the crop plants and simultaneously release plant growth promoting substances like GA, IAA, IBA, Cytokinins etc. All these properties lead the crops to grow more and give higher yield with quality produce. Potash mobilizing bacteria mobilize potash ingredient present in the soil and make available to plants. Potassium plays an important role in phyto assimilation and translocation of photosynthetic material. The availability of potassium for plant uptake is very low even though our soils are rich in potassium. The fixed forms of soil potassium is mobilized in majority soils (pH 5 to 11) and made available to the crop plants.KMB bacteria secrete organic acids and organic compounds in rhizosphere region which transforms the unavailable form of potassium into available form.


Embedded Technology

Microencapsulation Technology

Biofield Liquid

This technology is used for liquid biofertilizers.

Product is approved by IMO.

Product may be used in organic crop production in accordance to the NPOP, India and to the Regulation (EC) 834/2007 & Regulation (EC) 889/2008

Product Target

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Farming Field

Product Speciality

Biofield Liquid is multi-nutrients biofertilizer consortia that offer series of agronomic advantages, yet environment friendly.

It reduces the cost of transformation, cost application and cost of labor.

Biofield liquid gives more than two major nutrients namely NPK.

Product Advantages

Reduces dependence on NPK fertilizers.

Promotes plant growth.

Reduces the cost of cultivation.

Improves quality of the produces.

Increases crop yield.


Method of Application and Dosage

Spray Application : 

2 ml of Biofield in 1 litre water in major crops. For high volume sprays in Mango and other crops, maintain 1 ml of Biofield in 1 litre water.

Soil Drenching : 

1 lit of Biofield along with 200-400 lit water per acre.

Dip seeds and seedlings of various crops in a solution of 3 ml Biofield and 1 litre water for enhanced germination and growth of young plants.

Seed Treatment : 

Mix 30 ml Biofield in 20 ml water and treat 1 kg seeds. Air dry treated seeds and sow in the field. Biofield is recommended in seed beds also and/or can be used by seedling dips also.

Compatibility :

Biofield contains living organisms and is sensitive to chemical bactericides and botanical pesticides. Biofield is synergistic and gives complementary results, if applied with organic fertilizers, manures, composts and other biofertilizers including mycorrhiza.


Target Crops

Fruit Crops





Ornamental and Plantation Crops

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