Growing Tomato Plants

(Gibberellic acid Technical 90% )


Shelf life: 2 Years

Growing Tomato Plants

Product Overview

Gibra is technical grade gibberellic acid contains 90% technical formulation. It is naturally occurring plant growth promoting substance produced through biochemical process. Certain specialized crops like vegetables, fruits and many other crops get benefited handsomely when Gibra is applied at appropriate time. Grape growers depend on Gibra to enhance grape size and the quality of their harvest. Citrus growers use GIBRA to improve rind integrity so that the fruit can be shipped and stored more easily. Additionally Gibra has the immense value to use it on many commercial crops.


Embedded Technology


Product is approved by IMO.

Product may be used in organic crop production in accordance to the NPOP, India and to the Regulation (EC) 834/2007 & Regulation (EC) 889/2008

Product Target

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Farming Field

Product Speciality

It is available with diluent to dissolve the gibberellic acid technical in water which enhances the size and numbers of cell of plant tissue.

Product Advantages

Breaks down the dormancy of seeds and vegetative plant propagating materials.

Harmless to honeybees, parasites, predators, natural flora & fauna


Method of Application and Dosage

Dissolve 1 gm of diluent given with Gibra in 10-15 ml of water, stir it and dissolve 1 gm Gibra. 

Distribute this solution in 3-4 pumps of 15 lit water and spray.


Compatible with most agrochemicals, organic & biological spray products.


Target Crops


Ornamental and Plantation Crops





Fruit Crops

Hands in the Soil

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