Growing Tomato Plants


Shelf life: 2 Years

Growing Tomato Plants

Product Overview

Lifeline is unique formulation of plant growth regulator namely, gibberellic acid and fortified with micronutrients, hydrolyzed proteins and sea weed extracts. It is naturally occurring plant growth promoting substance produced through biochemical process. Lifeline is tonic of crops. It works in three different ways, it acts as a plant growth regulator, it fulfils the micronutrient requirements of plants and it has seaweed extracts that enhance crop growth and yield.


Embedded Technology


Product is approved by IMO.

Product may be used in organic crop production in accordance to the NPOP, India and to the Regulation (EC) 834/2007 & Regulation (EC) 889/2008

Product Target

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Farming Field

Product Speciality

An ideal combination of plant growth regulator, micronutrients and nano level nutrition support, flower induction and yield enhancement

Product Advantages

Lifeline is an organic product for excellent growth of plant.

Increase the flower formation, fruit set and rate of maturity which result in higher yield.

Harmless to honeybees, parasites, predator, natural flora & fauna.


Method of Application and Dosage

Spray Lifeline with 3 ml/lit water in all crops

2 to 3 consecutive sprays at 10-12 days interval are recommended to plants or orchard crops.


Lifeline can be tank-mixed with all botanical and chemical foliar products. Compatible with living organisms based biological inputs and chemicals.


Target Crops









Oil Seeds


Fruit Crops

Ornamental and Plantation Crops

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