Growing Tomato Plants

(Multifunctional plant growth elements)


Shelf life: 2 Years

Growing Tomato Plants

Product Overview

Spectrum is multifunctional plant growth elements for overall growth of plants. Application of Spectrum at 0.35 ml/liter water at the initiation of flowering on cotton, vegetable, fruit, flower, spices and other crops leads to retention and emergence of new flowers that subsequently yielding into more produces with superior quality. Spectrum is a formulation containing naturally occurring amino acid compounds, cytokinin, enzymes, auxin precursors, hormones and polymer adjuvants. The rate of Spectrum application per acre is 50-60 ml and it is recommended to spray at critical crop stages like flowering and fruit/pod/seed setting.


Embedded Technology


Product is approved by IMO.

Product may be used in organic crop production in accordance to the NPOP, India and to the Regulation (EC) 834/2007 & Regulation (EC) 889/2008

Product Target

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Farming Field

Product Speciality

Nano level nutrition support, flower induction and yield enhancement.

Synergetic effect with plant growth regulators like Auxins, cytokinin and gibberellins.

Specially developed to improve metabolic activities of the crops.

Product Advantages

Reduction of premature flower and fruit drops.

Better fruit setting.

Greater vegetative growth and hypogenous system.

Improved fruit quality characteristics.

Increases resistance to climatic shock/attack.

Converts plant into vegetative growth phase to reproductive phase.

More number of fruits/buds.

Reduction of yellowing processes and alternate bearing.

Harmless to honeybees, parasites, predator, natural flora & fauna


Method of Application and Dosage

Spray 5 ml spectrum in 15 lit water in all crops preferably at flowering and fruit setting stages for all crops.

For orchard spray take 15 ml of spectrum in 200 liters of water.


Spectrum can be tank-mixed with fertilizers, fungicides, pesticides and botanicals without causing phytotoxicity. Compatible with living organisms based biological inputs.


Target Crops



Fruit Crops

Ornamental and Plantation Crops



Oil Seeds


Hands in the Soil

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