Growing Tomato Plants

(Beauveria bassiana)


Shelf life: 1 Year

Growing Tomato Plants

Product Overview

Biosoft is a high potency bioinsecticide based Beauvaria bassiana working with broad spectrum activities against sucking pests and caterpillars. It exerts chitin inhibition on insects’ cuticle. As soon as the caterpillars and sucking pests come into the contacts with Biosoft, it starts proliferating on insects, inhibits chitin synthesis and kills the target insects’ bodies. Noticeably, Biosoft fungus grows rigorously on insects and forms mummies which spread disease epizootic among insects appearing at later stages. This makes sprays effective and cross-infective for longer period, thereby reduces the cost significantly.


Embedded Technology

Surface Technology


It is used for production of high quality biopesticides which are user friendly, high potency and high CFU.

Product is approved by IMO.

Product may be used in organic crop production in accordance to the NPOP, India and to the Regulation (EC) 834/2007 & Regulation (EC) 889/2008

Product Target

All sucking pests like Aphids, Jassids, white fly, thrips, mites, hoppers, mealy bugs and scale insects.

All cater pillars like American boll worm, army worm, pink boll worm, fall army worm, borers, cut worms and white grubs.

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Farming Field

Product Speciality

Soluble in water, hence user friendly

High field efficacy

Low dosage

High potency

Product Advantages

Broad spectrum activities against sucking pests and caterpillars.

Reduce the cost of application per acre area drastically.

Upon spraying, it leaves no stain on leaves and can be mixed with half doses of chemical insecticides and all sulphur based fungicides.

Eco friendly, Non-toxic and user friendly.


Method of Application and Dosage

  1. Spray Biosoft @15 gm with Runoff-100 (An adjuvant) @ 5 ml in 15 lit water with knapsack spray pump at 20 days intervals.

  2. Take 250-500 gm Biosoft and 50 ml Runoff-100 in 200 lit water and spray on orchard tree crops

  3. Drench Biosoft in soil @ 250-500 gm per acre for controlling soil dwelling insects like termites, white grubs and caterpillars.

  4. Apply Biosoft and Monitor as cocktail application, when crop is attacked by insects and black sooty mould at the same time.

  5. Apply through drip irrigation @ 250-500 gm Biosoft for 1 acre crop / plantation for soil dwelling insects.

  6. Use Runoff-100 @ 5 ml/15 lit water along with Biosoft for better results.

Compatibility :

Biosoft contains living organisms and is sensitive to chemical fungicides and botanical pesticides. It is synergistic and gives complementary results, if applied with organic fertilizers, chemical insecticides, all sulphurs and biofertilizers including mycorrhiza.


Target Crops




Oil Seeds











Hands in the Soil

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